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CRESST in the Gran Sasso Tunnel

A building three stories high hosts the CRESST Experiment in the Gran Sasso Tunnel.

Schematic drawing of a CRESST detector module consisiting of a target crystal linked to a thermometer and a light absorber connected to a second thermometer. Both detectors are surrounded by a reflective and scintillating houseind

A typical transition curve

A typical transition curve. Since it is very steep, a small change in temperature results in a measurable change of resistance.

A typical transition curve

Schematic illustration of the bands of different kinds of event classes in the light yield - energy plane

Schematic drawing of the CRESST setup

Schematic drawing of the CRESST setup.

Schematic drawing of the module design of CRESST-II Phase 2 where the crystal is held by CaWO4 sticks.

Exemplary module of the stick design.

Schematic drawing of the beaker module design.

Different parts of a beaker module: Silicon beaker acting as light detector and CaWO4 target crystal.


Test cryostat container

The container housing the CRESST R&D cryostat.

Calcium tungstate crystals in UV

Calcium tungstate is a scintillator material. When the crystals are excited, here by ultraviolet light, they emit light themselves.

Opened CRESST-II detector module of the conventional design.

Detector carousel containing all detector modules.

Detector Mounting at Gran Sasso. Near the detectors, all work has to be done under clean room conditions.

Schematic drawing of a detector module with a large carrier crystal.

CaWO4 target crystal glued to a large CaWO4 carrier crystal held by scintillating clamps.

Opened detector module as installed in CRESST-III Phase 1.

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